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September's Sensational New Books!!!

Adult Fiction

Atkins, Ace --- Robert B. Parker’s Someone to Watch Over Me

Burke, James Lee --- Another Kind of Eden

Colette --- Short Novels of Colette

Collins, Megan --- The Family Plot

Gardener, Lisa --- Find Her

Hamilton, Lauren K.--- A Terrible Fall of Angels

Krueger, William Kent --- Lightning Strike

L’Amour, Louis --- Lone Star Law

Moyes, Jojo --- The Peacock Emporium

Patterson, James --- The Noise

Pethick, Sue --- Please Don’t Feed the Mayor

Ross, Ann B. --- Miss Julia Takes the Wheel

Ross, Ann B. --- Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two

Adult Nonfiction

Burgundy, Ron --- Let Me Off at the Top!

Crippa, Luca --- The Auschwitz Photographer

Gaines, Chip --- Capital Gaines

McPherson, Robert S. --- Mapping the Four Corners

Richter, Bob --- A Very Vintage Christmas

Rule, Ann --- Practice to Deceive

Schiffer, Margaret B. --- Holidays Toys and Decorations

Suggs, George G. --- Water Mills of the Missouri Ozarks

Waggoner, Susan --- Christmas Memories


Child, Lee --- The Affair

--- Bad Luck and Trouble

aCoben, Harlan --- Back Spin

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