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  • To receive a library card, you must first fill one out at the library with your current information.  Information which is currently required for a library card includes name, phone number, address, and message phone number.  The message phone number is someone who lives outside your household who could give you a message if library staff is unable to reach you.  A copy of your photo ID is also required.


  • If you live or own property inside the city limits of St. James, you may receive a library card free of charge.  You will need to present proof of residency or property ownership; examples include a current lease or utility bill, or a current property tax receipt.  If you live outside the city limits and do not own property inside the city limits, then a non-district membership fee applies.  Membership rates are:  12 months for $40; 6 months for $20; 3 months for $10. The Library is only able to accept cash and check.


  • Before you may check out books, your library card must be processed by library staff. This may take up to 1 business day.  We will notify you as soon as your library card is available.  

Library services are free to use; these include but are not limited to computers, reference materials, library events and on-site WiFi.  In order to check out any materials, you must first obtain a library card and, if applicable, pay the fee.  We look forward to assisting you!

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