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October's Outstanding New Books

Adult Fiction

Alger, Cristina --- The Banker’s Wife

Bradley, Eden --- The Dark Garden

Burke, James Lee --- Heaven’s Prisoners

Burke, James Lee --- Jesus Out to Sea

Burke, James Lee --- The Convict and Other Stories

Cameron, Rita --- The House Party

Campbell, Rick --- Deep Strike

Clark, Marcia --- The Fall Girl

Coelho, Paulo --- The Devil and Miss Prym

Colgan, Jenny --- Rules at the School by the Sea

Cook, Robin --- Pandemic

Crichton, Michael --- A New Collection of Three Complete Novels

Cron, Ian --- Chasing Francis

Cussler, Clive --- Hellburner

Donoghue, Emma --- Haven

Flynn, Vince --- Oath of Loyalty

Galbraith, Robert --- The Ink Black Heart

Gibson, William --- Zero History

Gingrich, Newt --- Vengeance

Gregory, Phillippa --- The Boleyn Inheritance

Harris, Robert --- Act of Oblivion

Hart, John --- The Hush

Higley, T.L. --- Fallen from Babel

Johnstone, William --- The Doomsday Bunker

Johnson, Craig --- Hell and Back

Johansen, Iris --- Captive

Jones, Sandie --- The Blame Game

Lagercrantz, David --- Dark Music

LaHaye, Tim --- Assassins

Lewis, Beverly --- The Orchard

Low, Robert --- The Lion Wakes

--- The White Raven

Ludlum, Robert --- The Bourne Enigma

Mandanna, Sangu --- The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

McMurtry, Larry --- Anything for Billy

Oates, Joyce Carol --- Babysitter

Oke, Janette --- The Distant Beacon

Palmer, Diana --- Kiss Me, Cowboy

Paris, B.A. --- Bring Me Back

Patterson, James --- Blowback

--- The Ninth Month

Poyer, David --- Arctic Sea

--- Deep War

--- Hunter Killer

--- Overthrow

Robb, J.D. --- Desperation in Death

Roquelaure, A.N. --- The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Rowe, Stephanie --- A Rogue Cowboy’s Second Chance

Trussoni, Danielle --- Angelology

Urquhart, Alaina --- The Butcher and the Wren

Wood, Tracey --- The Engineer’s Wife

Adult Nonfiction

Berton, Pierre --- The Klondike Quest

Black, Alexandra --- The Japanese House

Blum, Andrew --- The Weather Machine

Burke, Ed --- The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling

Crockett, James --- Bulbs

--- Perennials

Daniels, Charlie --- Never Look at the Empty Seats

Delavaux, Celine --- The Impossible Museum

Fielder, Mildred --- Railroads of the Black Hills

Forester, C.S. --- Mr. Midshipman Hornblower

Glenn, John --- John Glenn

Goldberg, Jonah --- Suicide of the West

Henson, Jim --- It’s Not Easy Being Green

Hinds, Bob --- Ozark, Pioneers

How to Live a Good Life

Larson, Erik --- The Splendid and the Vile

Laymon, Kiese --- Heavy

Levitin, Daniel --- Successful Aging

Lyons, Charlotte --- Between Friends

MacLeod, Mary --- Nurse, Come You Here!

Melville, Herman --- Typee

Miles, Kathryn --- Quakeland

Nelson, Jerry --- Dear County Agent Guy

Olsen, Gregg --- If I Can’t Have You

O’Shea, Richard --- Battle Maps of the Civil War

Owens, Candace --- Blackout

Oppenheimer, Jerry --- Crazy Rich

Parcak, Sarah --- Archaeology from Space

Poor, Nigel --- This is Ear Hustle

Prejean, Helen --- The Death of Innocents

Sibley, David --- What It’s like to be a Bird

Simmons, Matthew --- Twilight in the Desert

Starrs, James --- A Voice for the Dead

Stutzman, Paul --- Biking Across America

Taylor, Carol --- Christmas Naturals

TerKeurst, Lysa --- It’s Not Supposed to Be this Way

Vogel, Ken --- Maramec Iron Works

Weldon, Michele --- I Closed My Eyes

Whitetail Wisdom

Winslow, Margaret --- Smart Ass

Woodward, Bob --- Peril

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