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October 2023 New Books List

Adult Fiction

Ashley, Kristen --- The Girl in the Mist: a Misted Pines Novel

Bentley, Don --- Weapons Grade

Brennan, Allison --- Seven Girls Gone

Brown, Dale --- Weapons of Opportunity

Brown, Graham --- Condor's Fury

Cameron, Marc --- Breakneck

Cass, Laurie --- Checking out Crime

--- The Crime that Binds

--- Gone with the Whisker

Chiaverini, Jennifer --- Canary Girls

Dubus, Andre III --- The Garden of Last Days

Ellison, Ralph. --- Invisible Man

Feeney, Alice --- Good Bad Girl

Francis, Felix. --- Dick Francis's Bloodline

Higgs, Liz Curtis --- Fair is the Rose

Howey, Hugh --- Shift

--- Wool

Hunter, Stephen --- Targeted

Jewell, Lisa --- None of this is True

Johnson, Craig --- The Longmire Defense

Kellerman, Jonathan --- Serpentine: an Alex Delaware Novel

Kepler, Lars --- The Mirror Man

King, Stephen --- Holly: a Novel

Klune, TJ --- Ravensong

Krueger, William Kent --- The River we Remember

Lutz, Lisa --- The Accomplice

Marshall, Kate Alice --- What Lies in the Woods

McCall Smith, Alexander --- The Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf

Michaels, Fern --- Rock bottom

Newman, T. J. --- Drowning: the Rescue of Flight 1421: a Novel

Novey, Idra --- Those Who Knew

Patterson, James --- 23 1/2 lies

Pearl, Matthew --- The Technologists

Perry, Devney --- Indigo Ridge

Robb, J. D --- Payback in Death

Robinson, Peter --- Not Dark Yet

Slaughter, Karin --- Pieces of Her

Steel, Danielle --- Palazzo: a Novel

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