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March Madness New Titles

March New Book List

Adult Fiction

Barnes, S.A. --- Dead Silence

Benedict, Marie --- Her Hidden Genius

Buccola, Allison --- Catch Her When She Falls

Cumming, Charles --- Box 88

Doerr, Anthony --- Cloud Cuckoo Land

Faulkner, Katherine --- Greenwich Park

Foster, Lori --- Stronger than You Know

Frost, Caroline --- Shadows of Pecan Hollow

Gramont, Nina de --- The Christie Affair

Gudenkauf, Heather --- The Overnight Guest

Hurwitz, Gregg --- Dark Horse

Kellerman, Jonathan --- City of the Dead

Koontz, Dean --- Quicksilver

Letts, Billie --- Where the Heart is

Miller, Madeline --- Circe

McHugh, Laura --- The Weight of Blood

Patterson, James --- Steal

Prose, Nita --- The Maid

Rivers, Francine – And the Shofar Blew

Robb, J.D. --- Abandoned in Death

Shalvis, Jill --- The Family You Make

Turow, Scott --- The Laws of Our Fathers

Young, Erin --- The Fields

Adult Nonfiction

Brush, Dixie L. --- All Life Matters

Kiernan, Denise --- The Girls of Atomic City

King, Carla S. --- Consumer’s Guide for Self-Publishers

Kurczy, Stephen --- The Quiet Zone

Zempel, Heather --- Amazed and Confused

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