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June's Joyous New Books!!!!

June New Book List

Adult Fiction

Ashley, Anne --- Lady Gwendolen Investigates

Atkins, Ace --- Bye Bye Baby

Aubray, Camille --- The Godmothers

Barclay, Linwood --- Take Your Breath Away

Beanland, Rachel --- Florence Adler Swims Forever

Black, Cara --- Three Hours in Paris

Black, Holly --- Book of Night

Blackburn, Lynn --- Unknown Threat

Bohjalian, Chris --- The Lioness

Burke, James Lee --- Every Cloak Rolled in Blood

Carcaterra, Lorenzo --- Nonna Maria and the Case of the Missing Bride

Carr, Jack --- In the Blood

Carr, Robyn --- Sunrise on Half Moon Bay

Chance, John --- Madman’s Will

Clarke, Lucy --- Swimming at Night

Cleeves, Ann --- The Darkest Evening

Connelly, Michael --- The Dark Hours

Cornwell, Patricia --- Spin

Cummins, Mary --- Glenallyn’s Bride

Davis, Katharine --- Capturing Paris

Day, Elizabeth --- Magpie

Doudera, Vicki --- A House to Die for

Dudley, Ernest --- Callers for Dr. Morelle

Edwards, Rachelle --- Lady of Quality

Elbury, Dorothy --- The Major and the Country Miss

Espach, Alison --- Notes on your Sudden Disappearance

Fancis, Wendy --- Best Behavior

Glass, Julia – Vigil Harbor

Grisham, John --- Sparring Partners

Guillebeau, Michael --- Josh Whoever

Harrington, Nina --- The Last Summer of Being Single

Hart, John --- The Unwilling

Heaton, Shirley --- Chance Encounter

Henry, Emily --- Book Lovers

Hewland, Anne --- To Trust a Stranger

Horowitz, Anthony --- With a Mind to Kill

Iding, Laura --- Emergency

James, Jo --- Legacy of Regret

James, Melissa --- Her Outback Knight

James, Sophia --- High Seas to High Society

Johnson, Micaiah --- The Space Between Worlds

Katzenbach, John --- The Analyst

Kidd, Flora --- Passionate Pursuit

Killham, Nina --- Mounting Desire

Landsborough, Gordon --- Death Smells of Cordite

Lennox, Marion --- A Bride for the Maverick Millionaire

Leon, Donna --- Trace Elements

Loveday, Chrissie --- To Love Again

Majumdar, Megha --- A Burning

Mallett, Phyllis --- The Turning Point

McAllister, Anne --- Breaking the Greek’s Rules

McKinty, Adrian --- The Island

McTiernan, Dervla --- The Murder Rule

Miller, Linda --- Country Proud

Moore, Jane --- The Second Wives Club

Paretsky, Sara --- Overboard

Patterson, James --- 22 Seconds

Pavone, Chris --- Two Nights in Lisbon

Penny, Louise --- All the Devils are Here

Pierce, Blake --- Girl, Alone

Quick, Amanda --- When She Dreams

Quirk, Matthew --- The Night Agent

Richardson, Kim --- The Book Woman’s Daughter

Roberts, Nora --- Nightwork

Shalvis, Jill --- Love for Beginners

Stephens, Susan --- A Taste of the Untamed

Straker, J.F. --- Arthurs’ Night

--- The Goat

Sunman, Corba --- Colorado Clean-Up

Van Pelt, Shelby --- Remarkably Bright Creatures

Weiner, Jennifer --- The Summer Place

Williams, Beatriz --- The Lost Summers of Newport

Winston, Anne --- Billionaire Bachelors

Adult Nonfiction

Bourla, Albert --- Moonshot

Coyne, Tom --- A Course called America

EschBach, Walter L. --- Historic Site of Jefferson County, Missouri

Feniger, Susan --- Cantina

Fife, Bruce --- Coconut Cures

Fife, Bruce --- Cooking with Coconut Flour

Jaouad, Suleika --- Between Two Kingdoms

Lang, Della --- Country Schools: Jefferson County, Missouri 1806-1952

Lillien, Lisa --- Hungry Girl 300 Under 300

Miller, Mark --- The Great Salsa Book

O’Reilly, Bill --- Killing the Killers

Ramette, Peggy --- America’s Favorite Fish Recipes

Spiegelman, Art --- The Complete Maus

Walker, Danielle --- Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain

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