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February's Frightening New Books

Adult Fiction

Adams, Beth --- Smoke on the Water

Adams, Sara Nisha --- The Reading List

Bauermeister, Erica --- The Scent Keeper

Burke, Alafair --- Find Me

Chamberlain, Diane --- The Last House on the Street

Chan, Jessamime --- The School for Good Mothers

Coble, Colleen --- A Stranger’s Game

Evison, Jonathan --- Small World

George, Elizabeth --- Something to Hide

Hawkins, Rachel --- Reckless Girls

Hoover, Colleen --- Reminders of Him

Kane Darby --- The Replacement Wife

Kelly, Julia --- The Last Dance of the Debutante

Mehl, Nancy --- Seascape in Shadows

Patterson, James --- The Horsewoman

Stabenow, Dana --- Disappearance of a Scribe

Steel, Danielle --- Invisible

Taylor, Brad --- End of Days

Willingham, Stacy --- A Flicker in the Dark

Woods, Stuart --- Criminal Mischief

Board Books

Munro, Fiona --- Time to Use the Potty

Juvenile Early Books

Liu, Dane --- Friends are Friends, Forever

Soundar, Chitra --- Holi Hai!

Woodson, Jacqueline --- The Year We Learned to Fly

Juvenile Fiction

Paulson, Gary --- Northwind

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