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New Book List: February 2021

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Here is the list of new books received during the month of November; books are listed alphabetically by author's last name. Please contact us at the library if you would like to place any of these titles on hold!

Adult Fiction

Andrews, V.C.---The Umbrella Lady

Brazier, Eliza Jane---If I Disappear

Carr, Robyn---Never Too Late

---Swept Away

Dalton, Julie Carrick---Waiting for the Night Song

Ekbäck, Cecilia---The Historians

Foster, Fiona King---The Captive

Fisher, Tarryn---The Wrong Family

Gray, Shelley Shepard---A Perfect Amish Romance

Greaney, Mark---On Target

Grippando, James---Twenty

Hannah, Kristin---The Four Winds

Hurwitz, Gregg---Prodigal Son

Krentz, Jayne Ann---All the Colors of Night

Lewis, Susan---Forgive Me

Noble, Shelley---Ask Me No Questions

Patterson, James---The Russian

Peterson, Tracie---Secrets of My Heart

Petrie, Nick---The Breaker

Preston & Child---The Scorpion’s Tail

Robotham, Mandy---The Berlin Girl

Robson, Jennifer---After the War is Over

---Our Darkest Night

Sanderson, Brandon---The Way of Kings

Steel, Danielle---Neighbors


Grogan, John---Marley & Me

Gunn, Robin Jones---Sisterchicks in Gondolas!

Adult Nonfiction

Chammah, Maurice---Let the Lord Sort Them

Emery, Theo---Hellfire Boys

Euvino, Gabrielle Ann---Learning Italian: 3rd Edition

Lovett, Laura L.---With Her Fist Raised

McConaughey, Matthew---Greenlights

Young Adult

McMann, Lisa---Dragon Fury

Rothschild, Katherine---Wider than the Sky

Salisbury, Melinda---Hold Back the Tide

Sanchez, Erika L.---I am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Coates, Ta- Nehisi---The Beautiful Struggle

Children's Picture & Chapter Books

Dippucchio, Kelly---Oona

Emmons, Scott---Velociraptors

Ho, Joanna---Eyes that Kiss in the Corners

Chadda, Sarwat---City of the Plague God

Eliopulos, Nick---Last Block Standing

Freeman, Megan Z.---Alone

Glass, Calliope---Star Wars: Galactic Storybook

Mosier, Paul---Echo’s Sister

Rauf, Onjali Qatara---The Star Outside My Window

Trimmer, Christian---Teddy’s Favorite Toy

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