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December's Desperately Awaited Titles

December New Book List

Adult Fiction

Adams, Richard --- Watership Down

Adams, Taylor --- No Exit

Afshar, Tessa --- Bread of angels

Alkemade, Kim Van --- Orphan #8

Anderson, Toni --- Cold Wicked Lies

Andrews, V.C. --- Out of the Rain

Archer, Jeffrey --- Over my Dead Body

Atherton, Nancy --- Aunt Dimity & the Wishing Well

Atkinson, Kate --- Started Early, Took My Dog

Austin, Lynn N --- Where We Belong

Baldacci, David --- Mercy

Bale, Leigh --- Healing their Amish Hearts

--- Her Amish Christmas Choice

Barker, Ann --- Clerkenwell Conspiracy

Beckstrand, Jennifer --- The Amish Quiltmaker's Unruly In-Law

Benford, Gregory --- Shadows of Eternity

Beverly-Whittemore, Miranda – Bittersweet

Black, Benjamin --- The Silver Swan

Blackstock, Terri --- Truth-stained Lies

Blum, Jenna --- Those Who Save Us

Bowmen, Rhys --- God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen

Brennan, Allison --- Cold as Ice

Brunstetter, Wanda E. --- Return to the Big Valley

Bush, Nancy --- The Babysitter

Cameron, Marc --- Stone Cross

--- Bone Rattle

Campbell, Michele --- A Stranger on the Beach

Capri, Diane --- Full Metal Jack

Carr, Jack --- Savage Son

Carr, Robyn --- Second Chance Pass

--- Shelter Mountain

--- Temptation Ridge

--- Virgin River

--- Virgin River Christmas

--- Whispering Rock

Chapman, Vannetta --- An Unlikely Amish Match

Child, Lee --- Better Off Dead

Clancy, Tom --- Chain of Command

Clark, Julie --- The Last Flight

Clark, Carol Higgins --- Wrecked

Clark, Mary Higgins --- Where are You Now?

Clayton, Meg Waite --- The Postmistress of Paris

Connolly, John--- The Nameless Ones

Cornwell, Patricia --- Autopsy

Cussler, Clive --- The Bootlegger

--- The Devil's Sea

--- Fast Ice

--- Piranha

Dave, Laura --- The Last Thing He Told Me

Davids, Patricia --- The Amish Teacher’s Dilemma

Davis, Barbara --- The Secrets She Carried

Deaver, Jeffery--- The Midnight Lock

Dovalpage, Teresa--- Queen of Bones

Drake, Shannon --- Wicked

Druten, Rachel --- The Healing Heart

DuLong, Terri --- Postcards from Cedar Key

Dunn, Sharon --- Mountain Captive

Evanovich, Janet --- Game On

Evans, Richard Paul --- The Christmas Promise

Fabry, Chris --- War Room

Ferencik, Erica --- Into the Jungle

Gabaldon, Diana --- Go Tell the Bees that I am Gone

Galligan, John --- Bad Axe County

Gardiner, Meg --- The Dark Corners of the Night

Garrison, Paul --- Robert Ludlum's the Janson Option

Garwood, Julie --- Wired

Gilstrap, John --- Hellfire

Giusti, Debby --- Dangerous Amish Inheritance

Goddard, Elizabeth --- Fugitive Trail

Goolrick, Robert --- A Reliable Wife

Goyer, Tricia --- A Secret Courage

Graham, Heather --- The Last Noel

Grisham, John --- The Judge’s List

Grimes, Martha --- The Old Success

Griffiths, Elly – The Night Hawks

--- The Lantern Men

Groff, Lauren --- The Monsters of Templeton

Halter, Marek --- Zipporah, Wife of Moses

Hanauer, Cathi --- Sweet Ruin

Harper, Karen --- Fall from Pride

Harris, E. Lynn --- Mama dearest

Hart, Liliana --- A Dirty Job

--- Whiskey Lullaby

Hatcher, Robin Lee --- When Love Blooms

Henderson, Susan--- Up from the Blue

Henley, Virginia --- The Irish Duke

Hepworth, Sally --- The Good Sister

Higman, Anita --- Larkspur Dreams

Hilton, David E --- Kings of Colorado

Hodge, Rebecca --- Wildland

Hoffman, Beth --- Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

Hosking, Jay --- Three Years with the Rat

Hunt, Angela Elwell --- Egypt’s Sister

Jackson, Lisa --- Willing to Die

Jance, J.A. --- Partner in Crime

Jewell, Lisa --- The Night She Disappeared

Johansen, Iris --- Chaos

--- Eve

Kellerman, Jonathan --- The Burning

Kelly, Clint --- Echo

Kendrick, Beth --- Cure for the Common Breakup

Kent, Kathleen --- The Burn

Klavan, Andrew --- When Christmas Comes

Kuhns, Eleanor --- Cradle to Grave

Lighte, Carrie --- Courting the Amish Nanny

Lowell, Elizabeth --- Beautiful Sacrifice

Lupica, Mike --- Robert B. Parker's: Stone's Throw

Malerman, Josh --- A House at the Bottom of a Lake

Marsons, Angela --- Silent Scream

McCoy, Shirlee --- Lone Witness

McKinty, Adrian --- Fifty Grand

McManus, Patrick F --- The Tamarack Murders

Miller, Fenella J. --- Barbara's War: Middle Years

Morton, Kate --- The Distant Hours

Newport, Olivia --- Taken for English

Olsen, Gregg --- Starvation Heights

--- Snow Creek

Patterson, James --- Fear No Evil

--- 2 Sisters Detective Agency

Pears, Tim --- The Horseman

Pearse, Sarah --- The Sanatorium

Peterson, Tracie --- Waiting on Love

--- Beneath a Harvest Sky

Picoult, Jodi--- The Book of Two Ways

--- Wish You Were Here

Rees, Elisabeth --- Safe House Under Fire

Roberts, Nora --- The Becoming

--- Under Currents

Robotham, Mandy--- The Girl Behind the Wall

Rosenberg, Joel C. --- The Copper


--- The Ezekiel


--- The Last Days

Sala, Sharon--- The Way Back to You

Schulman, Alex --- The Survivors

Sackelford, Sherri --- Stolen Secrets

Shemilt, Jane --- The Daughter

Sinclair, Rob --- The Bonds of Blood

Silvis, Randall --- When All Light Fails

Staub, Wendy Corsi --- Hell to Pay

Steadman, Catherine --- Something in the Water

Stein, Garth --- A Sudden Light

Steel, Daniell --- The Butler

Thayne, RaeAnne--- Sleigh Bells Ring

Tursten, Helene --- Snowdrift

Ward, Amanda --- Close Your Eyes

White, Randy Wayne --- Salt River

Worth, Lenora--- Amish Christmas Hideaway

Woods, Stuart --- Foul Play

Young, Karen --- Missing Max

Zimmerman, Jean --- Savage Girl

Adult Nonfiction

Adesman, Andrew --- The Grandfamily Guidebook

Balarie, Kelly --- Battle Ready

Boessenecker, John --- Wildcat

Borneman, Walter R. --- The Admirals

Ellis, Peter Berresford --- The Druids

Graham, Billy --- Where I Am

Green, John --- The Anthropocene Reviewed

Hagee, John --- Four Blood Moons

Hite, Larry --- The Rule

Hubert, Henri --- The History of the Celtic People

Kill, Kristen --- Finding Selah

Lewis, Michael M. --- The Premonition

Kissinger, Henry --- The Age of A.I.

Kubica, Mary --- The Other Mrs.

MacCulloch, J.A. --- Celtic Mythology

MacDonald, James --- Lord, Change My Attitude

Meyer, Joyce --- Living a Life You Love

Nelson, James L. --- With Fire & Sword

Omartian, Stormie --- The Power of a Praying Wife

Portell, Carey --- Facing Life Head On

Sancton, Thomas --- Death of a Princess

TerKeusrst, Lysa --- Uninvited

--- The Best Yes

Winter, James E. --- Baptism by Toilet Water


Berg, Elizabeth --- Home Safe

Coelho, Paulo --- The Witch of Portobello

DeMille, Nelson --- The Panther

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