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December Dramatically New Books

December New Book List

Adult Fiction

Archer, Jeffrey --- Next in Line

Backman, Fredrik --- The Winners

Baldacci, David --- Long Shadows Barker, Elspeth --- O Caledonia

Bowen, Rhys --- Peril in Paris

Bunn, T. Davis --- The Christmas Hummingbird

Charles, Brian --- Before I Go

Chapman, Clay --- Ghost Eaters

Child, Lee --- No Plan B

Connelly, Michael --- Desert Star

Connolly, John --- The Furies

Cooper, James --- The Man in the Field

Cornwell, Patricia --- Livid

Evanovich, Janet --- Going Rogue

Gifune, Greg --- Savages

Greaney, Mark --- One Minute Out

Henderson, Alexis --- House of Hunger

Higgins, Kristan --- Life and other Inconveniences

Hilderbrand, Elin --- Endless Summer

Hoover, Colleen --- It Starts with Us

James, E.L. --- The Mister

Johnston, Tim ---- The Current

Lyon, Erin --- I Love You: Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions

Lourey, Jess --- The Quarry Girls

Macomber, Debbie --- The Christmas Spirit

Michaels, Fern --- Falling Stars

Miller, Madeline --- GALATEA

Ng, Celeste --- Our Missing Hearts

Patterson, James --- The River Murders

--- The Summer House

--- Triple Cross

--- The Twelve Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas

Paris, B.A. --- The Prisoner

Peterson, Tracie --- Under the Starry Skies

Picoult, Jodi --- Mad Honey

Rushmeyer, Mollie --- The Bookshop of Secrets

Sandford, John --- Righteous Prey

Shaffer, Andrew --- Secret Santa

Shepherd, Megan --- Malice House

Slaughter, Karin --- Girl, Forgotten

Sparks, Nichola --- Dreamland

Spector, Elijah --- Kalyna the Soothsayer0

Stabenow, Dana --- Theft of an Idol

Steel, Danielle --- Spy

Thayer, Nancy --- Let It Snow

Turow, Scott --- Suspect

Unger, Lisa --- Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six

White, Karen --- The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street

Woods, Stuart --- Distant Thunder

Wright, Jaime --- Echoes Among the Stones

--- The Premonition at Withers Farm

Adult Nonfiction

Asbjørnsen, Peter --- East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Canterbury, Dave --- The Bushcraft Essentials Field Guide

Chism, Marlene --- From Conflict to Courage

Couch, Dick --- Navy Seals

Dungy, Tony --- The One Year Uncommon Life

Goodwin, Doris --- The Bully Pulpit

--- Team of Rivals

Graham, Billy --- The Reason for My Hope

Lewis, Damien --- Churchill’s Shadow Raiders

Macchio, Ralph --- Waxing On

Rapee, Ronald --- Helping Your Anxious Child

Selvaratnam, Tanya --- Assume Nothing

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