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March's Memorable New Books

March New Book List

Adult Fiction

Andrews, V.C. --- Eden’s Children

Beaton, M.C. --- Devil’s Delight

Benedict, Marie --- The Mitford Affair

Deaver, Jeffery --- The Never Game

Gardner, Lisa --- One Step too Far

Garrison, Paul --- The Janson Command

Goldberg, Leonard --- The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes

Grippando, James --- Code 6

Gross, Andrew --- 15 Seconds

Hannah, Kristin --- Distant Shores

Jewell, Lisa --- Then She was Gone

Johansen, Iris --- Storm Cycle

Karp, Marshall --- The Murder Sorority

Kellerman, Jonathan --- Unnatural History

Krentz, Jayne Ann --- Sleep No More

Matthews, G.R. --- Seven Deaths of an Empire

O’Hara, Max --- One Way to Boot Hill

Quinn, Julia --- On the Way to the Wedding

--- It’s in His Kiss

Robb, J.D. --- Encore in Death

Rutherfurd, Edward --- London

Steel, Danielle --- Without a Trace

Adult Nonfiction

Amburn, Ellis --- The Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Betancourt, Ingrid --- Even Silence has an End

Carter, Stephen --- Invisible

Dery, Mark --- Born to be Posthumous

Farley, Tom --- The Chris Farley Show

Foster, Rory --- I Never Met an Animal I Didn’t Like

Goodell, Jeff --- The Water Will Come

Guy, John --- Thomas Becket

Henriques, Diana --- The Wizard of Lies

Howard, Dylan --- Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Idle, Eric --- Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Krogh, Egil --- The White House Plumbers

McKeon, Kathy --- Jackie’s Girl

McKinney, Devin --- The Man who Saw a Ghost

Meltzer, Brad --- The First Conspiracy

Nasaw, David --- Andrew Carnegie

Nixon, Guy --- From Warrior to Judge

Remini, Robert --- John Quincy Adams

Roker, Al --- The Storm of the Centrury

Ross, Ishbel --- The President’s Wife

Rushkoff, Douglas --- Survival of theRichest

Nancy --- Maya Angelou

Teachout, Terry --- City Limits

Wilson, Derek --- Charlemagne

Youngbull, Kristin --- Brummett Echohawk

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